“Stitching the love of Christ in every tote bag, purse, etc.”

- Proverbs 16:24

"Pleasant words are a honeycomb, Sweet to the soul and healing to the bones"

Granny B Bags

First of all

Handcrafted Bags with Love

Discover our beautiful collection of handcrafted tote bags, purses, and more, all made with love and inspired by Proverbs 16:24. Each bag is carefully crafted to bring joy and spread the message of Christ's love. Explore our collection and find the perfect bag that reflects your style.

Not to mention

Our Story

Discover the heartwarming story behind Granny B Bags and how we combine our passion for crafting with the love of Christ. Each stitch is made with prayer and carries a message of hope and inspiration.

And let's not forget

My Products

Explore our wide range of beautifully handcrafted tote bags, purses, wristlets, quillows, and more. Each product is meticulously designed and stitched with love, ensuring quality and durability. Discover the perfect accessory that reflects your style.

About Granny B Bags

Granny B Bags is a business dedicated to creating beautiful and meaningful handcrafted bags. Our mission is to stitch the love of Christ into every bag we make, spreading joy and inspiration to all who carry them. Inspired by Proverbs 16:24, we believe that a kind word is like honey, and our bags are designed to bring sweetness and encouragement to your everyday life.

Stitching Love, One Bag at a Time

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